Mylo Xyloto: By the Minute

From beginning to end, I take you through my thoughts as I listen to Coldplay's newest record, Mylo Xyloto for the first time.

00:01 - I like where this is going....
00:43 - Whoa.
03:09 - Hurts Like Heaven guitar solo.  Feels like I've died and gone there.
04:44 - Paradise. Seriously, I dare anyone with a pulse to not at least succumb to some seriously toe-tapping here. 
09:37 - Charlie Brown bursts forth into a magnificent wall of sound sure to pin you to your couch or make you jump around your apartment.
11:15 - "We'll be gloooooooowin' in the dark!"
16:20 - During Us Against the World. If I was a crier I think I'd be gone by this point.  Luckily, I'm stronger than that.
16:37 - {sobbing}
18:45 - Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall. Still not my favorite, but it's such a blasted happy song, you can't help but nod.
22:46 - Major Minus - Heard this on the ETIAW EP and loved it.  Truly one of their best songs I've heard in a long time.  Little kick back to the Rush of Blood days.
27:10 - Strings roll in on U.F.O. So smooth.
29:34 - Princess of China - I......there.....are no words---so, so good.
33:00 - Up in Flames - Such a slick  transition from a bludgeoning, bass-driven anthem to a majestically airy (yet surprisingly bumpin') ballad. Wonderful.
37:19 - Don't Let It Break Your Heart - Truly the hidden gem of this album!  Absolutely love this.  Traditional Coldplay to have a masterpiece hidden in the back half of a record. Marvelous. I like how Chris's vocals are much more background than usual, allowing for the pounding nature of the song to shine through.
42:10 - Up With the Birds - Whoa.
43:04 - "Good things are comin' our way!"

I can barely move.  This is truly one of the best beginning to end albums I've heard in a great while.  And if you're disappointed in my lack of musical lingo and technical commentary--I dare you to try to listen to this beauty and type anything at all.  Simply brilliant.


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