About the MoG

Welcome to the Mark of a Gentleman blog!  My name is Blake and I am absolutely honored to have you drop by.  If you're new here and a bit unsure of what to think—relax and have a look around.   I believe what you’ll find is an ever-growing collection of practical, stylish advice for the refined, modern man packaged into a witty, irreverent and often sarcastic bundle of fun (at least, that’s the goal).  And all this from a happily married American 20-something.

So in an effort to get our relationship off to a proper start by providing you with unreasonably high expectations, here’s a few of my favorite posts to date as a sort of on-the-house sampler:

Thank you so much again for taking time to visit my attempt to clutter the World Wide Web.  Feel free to visit as often as you like and spread the word to your family and friends that my invitation extends to them as well. Cheers, gentlemen, and I hope you enjoy.