Men of Inspiration: Harvey Specter & Mike Ross

Well, Heeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyy!! OMG, how ARE you??  You know I was just sayin it's been WAAAAY too-----

You know what, let's just cut to it.  Yes, my dear readers, it has been nearly two months since we've been able to spend some quality time together here at the M.O.G.  Yes, it is because of the move to a new house, endless home improvement projects coupled with the beginning of a new school year as a teacher, and a continuous stream of delightful house guests since our arrival.  Yes to all of that.  But I wouldn't dare do you the disservice of trying to butter you up with lame excuses and empty promises.  The truth is, I've missed you all, but I've also been having a blast setting down some more permanent roots and establishing my Man Manor from the bare bones of a suburban 3-bedroom home.

Yet with all the painting, nailing, staining, assembling, disassembling, and reassembling that purchasing a new home entails, there comes a time when you finally look at your wife from under the blood-and grease-stained bandanna tied around your brow and faintly murmur in a near telepathic fashion that it is time to sit on the concrete floor and just do nothing for an hour or twelve.  And it has been during this exact time over the past few months, that my wife and I have found ourselves becoming hopelessly addicted to the cut-throat law drama that is USA's SUITS

Now I know what you're going to say:  "Uh,'s called 'SUITS' and they wear SUITS...a guy like you is honestly just hopping on board this showboat?
Ok, well yes, I am.  Sure I'd always heard good things and should have been drawn to it merely because of the title, but truth be told, I'm glad I waited to stumble into this delightful series two and a half seasons late.  So if you're like me and you've been hesitant to jump in or have never even heard of the show, let me spare you the plot synopsis and simply say that Suits is by far one of the most addicting, well-written, suspenseful, charming, and downright stylish shows I've ever seen on television.  The characters are beautifully complex, the plot lines ulcer-inducing, and the chemistry between relationships is electrifying.

But enough about all can go pirate the whole first two seasons for all that jazz.  But what we're all about here, is of course the incredible style of the two male leads:  Harvey Specter and Mike Ross. 

Harvey's Style:
The thing I love about Harvey Specter's character is that from the second you see him on screen, you recognize him as the bad-to-the-bone, effortlessly cool, "Attack Dog" of one of the most powerful law firms in New York City.  He drives expensive cars, romances women like he's simply walking out to check the mail, and dresses impeccably in every situation.  

Harvey's wardrobe usually includes:
  1. Brilliantly tailored three-piece suits that certainly cost more than my newly-purchased home
  2. Simple solid or pinstriped french-cuff shirts 
  3. Understated ties 
  4. Not to mention that man's got a perfectly parted coif of power.
Some ideas for making this look your own without having to score a Senior Partnership:
  1. Havana Light Brown 3-Piece Suit, $599, 
  2. Extra Slim 1MX French Cuff Shirt, $59,
  3. Wool Ties, $15,

Mike's Style:
Mike's style is basically what every guy between the age of 20-39 should be wearing anyways. As a genius and semi-con-artist, Mike's look illustrates his need to blend in (dependable white dress shirts) but also his need to stand above the rest (as evidenced by some of his wicked cool bold-striped ties).

Mike's wardrobe usually includes:
  1. Slim cut suits 
  2. Bold slim ties with some covet-worthy patterns 
  3. And an indispensable rotation of crisp white dress shirts
Some ideas for making this look your own without having to fake a Harvard Law Degree:
  1. H&M Wool 2-Piece Suit in Navy, $210, 
  2. Prodigy Stripe - Silver/Navy/Light Blue (Skinny), $15,

And with that, my friends, I leave you to strut around town looking for motions to file, subpoenas to serve, and depositions to dominate!  If you accomplish all that, you might just earn the right to stroll through your office, one hand in your pocket like the omnipotent Mr. Specter while this song plays over the loud speaker:

Long Live the King,


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