Your Arms Broken?? Make That Skinny Tie Yourself!

Two Ways to Rock a DIY Slim Tie Without Dropping Unnecessary Cheddar
By now you've probably noticed that those bib-sized, paisley monstrosities still found around the necks of nearly every high school principal in the nation have come to a much-anticipated and rejoiced demise.  The slim tie now reigns supreme, and for good reason.  It's sleek, understated, less of an area to spill coffee on, and undeniably sophisticated when paired with a polished tie bar.  And yet, what is one to do now with all those discarded and neglected fat ties?  The memories, the investments, the still beautiful patterns...should the Goodwill bin be their final resting place?  I think not.

Which is why I propose a tie resurrection--a reincarnation if you are so inclined.  Why not take those timeless patterns and transform them into modern works of sartorial art?  ....Well, I can't think of any reason why not either, so check this out:

1. The Way of Transformation
The first time I saw this article, I nearly wet myself at the thought of the possibilities.  No sewing machine, No experience, No vocational training required--just follow the steps and turn any of those old vintage ties (or $2 ones from Goodwill like the one I used) into strikingly unique swagger.  I've done this on several ties so far (with the help of my incredibly crafty and patient wife) and they've each turned out remarkably grand.  In fact you can see the transformation of my tie in the above picture from the $3 fat, Goodwill version on the right.

2.  The Way of Creation
The method as discussed here, in contrast to the first, is a little more labor intensive/mucho experience required, but can produce some incredibly slick results.  In short, this article tells you how to create your own skinny tie from whatever fabric you desire--more intelligent design than the evolution above, I suppose. But if you happen to be that guy or have good connections with a seamstress you could be rocking some seriously one-of-a-kind neck-wear in no time!  Just be sure to tell your grandmother before you swipe her Hobby Lobby gift card.


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