"Please Report to Q-Branch"

A Rundown of My Favorite Gentlemanly Accessories
Concealed handgun, watch, knife, ring, keys, 6 flash drives, lighter.  The emptied pockets of an international super-spy or merely one of my many tech-savvy I.T. friends?  Well, both, in case you're wondering.  You see, I've recently become addicted to an inexplicably entertaining game of attempting to guess the contents of my friends' pockets:  the gadgets, the accessories, the tools--all building upon each other to provide an astoundingly accurate visualization of that person's personality, hobbies, quirks.  To be honest, it is a far less stupefying past time than trying your luck at guessing the incomprehensible and baffling contents of a lady's purse, but it does afford the player some interesting conversation and a considerable lack of headache-inducing bewilderment.

However, in the course of packing up all of my belongings in preparation for my weekend relocation to a dwelling closer to my newly-acquired teaching position (YAY!), I found my little fascination had turned against me.  In short, the moving process has forced me to condense my once diffused array of accessories into a lone cardboard box, which has now seemingly become a window into my very quirky being.  Having turned the looking glass upon myself, I've gained a new appreciation for the little details of my wardrobe I often take for granted.  And so, I present to you, three of  my personal favorite accessories you'll likely never catch me without:

1.My Rocket-Powered Tie Bar
Tie Bars and I have developed an insatiable love-driven relationship for a couple of years and things always seem to heat up whenever we get together.  Most notably after I grabbed this jet-plane shaped 1.5" silver tie bar last weekend for only $5 at a thrift store near Houston.  My Style-o-meter just buzzed the tower at Mach 3, Goose.  And yes, I do feel the need.... 

2. My Adopted Family Crest
I honestly have no idea when or where I got this wicked cool crest pin, but I remember finding it inside a tweed jacket I scored from a thrift store back in high school.  I also have no earthly idea whose family crest is engraved inside, and despite aimlessly Googling it a few dozen times only to ensure it wasn't mine by some eery cosmic coincidence, I've decided that it is now my adopted family crest.  Regardless, I can't help but love the beautiful antique feel and versatility of this piece.  Rock it as either a tie or lapel pin and it never fails to boost the swagger of any look with that distinctive vintage charm.  Here's a good place to start quenching your crest fever. 

3. My Wedding Bling
James Avery - Scripture of Ruth Band
Now I'll try to resist getting all mushy on this one, but I absolutely love my wedding band.  Why?  The truth is, gentlemen have been jipped on the wedding band front for years, and an actually unique option is practically out of the question.  Fortunately, if you look hard enough (like my lovely wife did) it is possible to find wedding bands for men that exude charm, meaning, and style.  Hands down, nothing I've ever worn has elicited more compliments than this little jewel.  I guess it's a good thing I'll have it on my finger for a very, very long time!

What are some of your favorite gentlemanly accessories?      


  1. On a similar note: I do not have a single tie bar, my lapel pin is a smiley face button with a spatter of blood on it, and my wedding band is marked by deep gouges from altering gear ratios on large tractors/farm machinery. It's like the same, only different.

  2. Well now I know what I'll be buying you for your birthday/Christmas present this year. Dapper man as yourself....No tie bar, indeed!