What to Get Him for Christmas #1: The Dandy

"I have NO IDEA what to get him for Christmas! Guys are so hard to shop for!"

Sound familiar? If you're like me, you've undoubtedly heard this sentiment repeated more times than Christina Aguilera's abominable version of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas on a department store radio.  And I'll admit (to a certain degree) that we gents can often be challenging to buy for, especially if we have slightly more of a personality than to be ecstatic at a Dallas Cowboys jersey and accompanying bean dip football under the tree every year.  Let's face it, the gentleman on your list deserves something specially tailored to his character, something that embodies who he is and simultaneously who he wishes to become, all the while bringing you (the gift bestower) immense satisfaction at the realization that you nailed the perfect gift for your special dude (husband, boyfriend, brother, father, what have you.) 

So it is with these goals in mind (along with a personal mission to ensure Christmas stays alive and joyful despite the drudgery and frustration that can result from gift shopping) that I present to you readers the far from definitive guide to shopping for men of all types.  And as this is a style guide written at the hand of a sartorially-inclined, mid-twenties educator, our first type of guy will be that of which I claim to know the most about--the Dandy.   

Now for this list we will broaden the usual definition of "dandy" to include any male who generally gives a rat's behind about the way he presents himself--the shirt and tie type of guy, the business man, the artsy student, or (I don't know...) the teacher.

1. The Grown Man's Backpack
If the guy on your Christmas list is an office (or classroom) type of guy and he's still tossing all of his belongings into that tattered old Jan Sport from college every morning, it's time to help him upgrade.  Scroll through some of these to get more of an idea what will really fit his tastes and personality.  Vintage? Black or Brown?  It's up to you.  Just keep it modern and less hard, square and drug-deal-ish.

2. Swanky Stocking-Stuffers
What dandy gentleman could resist a stocking filled with delightfully sharp cufflinks and pocket squares in place of socks and that M&M's Candy Cane tube? (which, I'm not gonna lie, I actually do enjoy finding and devouring....the candy, not the socks) Check out some of these brilliant sites for some easily-bought swagger with a price you won't still be paying off next Fall.

3. The Finishing Touch
One of the absolute best gift ideas for any gentleman is something that they've never thought to buy themselves but soon wonder how they lived without it.  A slick pair of brown leather gloves is one of those gifts.  And if your dandy gentleman is also a film fanatic, he'll definitely love these near copies of Mr. Gosling's from Drive (bullett and hammer not included). A wool scarf, an exceptional timepiece, or even one of those hideously charming holiday Cosby sweaters are all guarantees of your spot in the gift-giver hall of fame; as well as in the mind of your very happy dandy gentleman each time he gets a compliment on your exceptional and thoughtful Yuletide swagger-booster.

Check back soon for more Christmas gift advice for gentleman of all types, including the Music Lover, the Jock, and possibly more if I find myself with extra time!  Cheers!