Men of Inspiration: Matt Bomer

Helplessly addicted.  I'm truly lost as to any other way to describe the current condition in which my wife and I find ourselves in regards to the television gem that is White Collar.  If you're unfamiliar, don't alarm yourself, I too was shamefully ignorant of this brilliantly charming masterpiece until about a week ago on Tuesday--from which point we have soared through the first season and half the second like a couple of teenage island castaways reunited with civilization and its accompanying reruns of Teen Mom.

But of course, if you are familiar with the show, you know the ultimate key to its undeniably charismatic swagger  is none other than leading man Matt Bomer--known as the legendary Neal Caffrey in the white collar world of corporate criminals.  Decked out week after week in stunningly tailored suits from designers like Sy Devore and John Varvatos and insanely sharp vintage ties and tie bars, the refreshing sartorial genius that is Bomer's character in addition to his mind-boggling cleverness is nothing short of the universal inspiration for gentlemen everywhere (minus the ex-con, professional forger bit)

Perhaps even more remarkable is Bomer's ability to channel the style of legendary conmen and snappy dressers such as Frank Abagnale, Jr. (of Catch Me If You Can) and Cary Grant  in To Catch a Thief in both his role in White Collar and his personal style.  In fact, just last week, GQ referred to the man as the "Walking Ken doll." But lest I get carried away and begin to detail my ideas for the perfect crime to pull off in an Armani suit, let's get to the meat of this post--which is, of course, breaking down one of my favorite looks from the always-suave Mr. Bomer.  I give you Exhibit A:
1. Boots for Everyman
If you're like me and you live in the deep South, you may have neglected to invest in a solid pair of (non-cowboy) boots while our brothers to the North have been sloshing around since August in knee-deep snow.  Absolutely nothing anchors a look and gives it a certain rugged feel better than a pair of beat-to-Hades brown lace-up boots.  And if you've waited this long to grow a pair and grab, pair, then you're in luck! Most shoe companies are dumping boots like last night's Krispy Kremes to make way for Spring--leaving you with an opportunity to upgrade your feet to rocker status without pulling the night shift at that aforementioned Krispy Kreme.  
KOFOOT Men's Brown Boots, Aldo, $91 (sale)

2. There's That Cardigan Again
I think I've mentioned my affinity for fine cardigans on these posts about as much as my 10th grade female students profess their love for Taylor Lautner.  But this is one investment that'll leave you feeling far better about yourself than if you'd been plagued with the cosmic misfortune of starring in Abduction or constantly being in the shadow of a ghostly pale, eternally confused-looking Brit with cannibalistic tendencies towards your ex-lady love.  Either way, you'll be sure to keep this little beauty on throughout your entire day if you wear it as swaggerful as the truly talented artist, Mr. Bomer.  Again, timing works in your favor, as you can grab some great cardigans on clearance nearly anywhere.
Merona Men's Long-Sleeve Cardigan BLUE, Target, $17.49 (clearance) 

3. "You Look So Much Smarter Today!"
As anyone who's ever decided to ditch the contacts for merely one day can tell you, the compliments seem to come from every direction.  Who knew such a simple accessory could exude such an air of intelligence, wisdom, and debonair good looks?  Bomer certainly works his frames to his advantage with masterful style, and the ones pictured here are more than worth the investment.  A solid set of frames is the perfect way to offset an ensemble with a little personal touch that shows you're a man of details. And these beautiful tortoise shell wayfarers are so blasted gorgeous I'm tempted to abandon my plans for Lasik and roll with these until I'm in the ground.  It'd definitely work to my advantage should I ever decide to pursue that professional forger career I find myself increasingly considering...
Ray-Ban RB5244-2144, Eyeglasses, $76 (here)


  1. You're so right - White Collar is an amazing show and I am also addicted! When we first get a glimpse of Neal in that Sy Devore suit, with Sinatra singing "The Good Life" in the And I really just want to be Elizabeth, married to the adorable Peter Burke (who is also easy on the eyes) and living in that cozy townhouse. Ahh, what a show.

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