What to Get Him for Christmas: 2012

You've done it again, haven't you?
Here it is less than two weeks away from the most joyful holiday of the year...and you've already resigned to scouring Ebay or Amazon for some meaningless trinket that will hopefully induce a polite Yuletide chuckle from the gentleman on your list as he opens it and places it atop the pile of hideously wrapped department store ties he has beside him.  I'll even give you the benefit of the doubt!  Let's say that you actually have not procrastinated but have simply been hopelessly puzzled as to what to get your special guy (husband, friend, boyfriend, dad, son, whathaveyou).  Well, I'm here to tell you first off, that it's not your fault.  We can be hellishly hard to shop for if we have even the slightest amount of taste exceeding that of being instantly satisfied with a 6-pack of domestic booze and a fresh pair of sweat pants.

So in an effort to assist all of you last-minute gentlemen gift-givers, I'd like to present the M.O.G's official (and far from definitive) gift guide for 2012.        

1. Twas the Noon Before Christmas
I first stumbled upon these insanely slick timepieces...well, two days ago while on a date with my wife in the Arts District of Dallas. They were way in the back, lost in the forest of random, Lysol-drenched vintage clothing and "unique finds" and I was instantly drawn to them.  Entranced by their beauty, I couldn't help but notice the vast array of colors and geometric shapes.  Now granted, they're a bit pricey from a mild acquaintance gift-giving standpoint, but for an exceptionally versatile and classy wrist accoutrement, the price is perfect for that dapper gentleman father or husband on your list.
Noon Copenhagen Watch, $135 (pictured)

2. And He, He Himself, The Grinch Carved the Old Book
 If you're the more handmade gifting person then this a wonderful, awful idea!  (that was a Grinch line, sorry, this actually is a good idea) Get a few old books from a Goodwill store nearby and follow the blog instructions (below) to carve it into a masterful-looking, and super suave gift for any gentleman.  I did this for two of my best friends last year and I must say it was holly jolly-good fun to make and to give. And best of all, it's from the heart--one that may be two sizes too small.  (sorry, sorry another Grinch quote...seriously this is a good idea)
Make your own Secret Book Safe, $2-5 for book 

3. Oh, What Fun It Is To Start With a Perfect Christmas Shave, Hey!
I can't think of any present more thoughtful than the abolishing of inadequate shaving for your gentleman giftee. The people over at the Art of Shaving have created the perfect starter kit to get you out of those dollar store jugular-slicers and into a routine of refined, precision whisker removal.
Art of Shaving Starter Kit, $25

4. O Holy Might
I've spoken before about my adoration for Dynomighty's Might Wallets--in fact, my own personal wallet has been with me now for over a year and a half and it's still going strong.  Recently, however, Dynomighty has expanded their game to include incredible products such as laptop and tablet cases, and streamlined mini versions of their wallets.  With a truly endless selection of "prints," there's definitely an option and a design to fit any guy on your list.
Dynomighty Products, $10-25

And there you have it!  Please leave a comment below with any other gift suggestions you might have...I'll be sure to do the same or post again if I come up with anything else.  Happy shopping, my friends, and do try to remember amidst the insanity of the holidays those people and things that are truly the most important.  Merry Christmas to you all!


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