Thank God It's Friday Tieday

Happy 2014, everyone! 

Yes, yes I know it's nearly the end of the first 1/12 of our Earth's annual outrageous 29.78 km/s jolt around Superman's best friend, but having been busier than a mosquito at a nudist colony these past few weeks (and with no sign of it slowing down until around summer vacation), I figured I'd better sit down for just a sec to tell you about an awesome menswear experience I've had since we last spoke.  

Around a month ago (far back within the dark regions of what was once 2013), South Africa's resident menswear titan and my personal sartorial hero, Sergio Ines of WhatMyBoyfriendWore, posted on his site about an incredible new Swedish company that sells monthly subscriptions to...neckties.  Yes, you read that right, and No, it's actually more beautiful than you're imagining right now.  The company's name is Friday Tieday and their goal is to have every man on the planet rushing out to his mailbox each month in nearly unbearable anticipation for a new piece of fashion bliss.  And what's even better, is that last month the company gave Sergio 200 one-month tie subscriptions to give out to his followers as he chose over the following 4 weeks.

Understandably skeptical at first, I waited for Mr. Ines to post the promo code for the first 50 free one-month subscriptions (read: free tie from Sweden).  I grabbed the code, raced my way over to the website and prayed to God it wasn't a scam.

What you see above and in the picture below is what arrived in my mailbox a few weeks later...

As you can see, FridayTieday delivers.  Big time.  (and NO I'm not being payed or blackmailed in any way to say this) I, personally, went with a gorgeous blue and red preppy stripe number and was extremely pleased. Now, unfortunately, Mr. Ines ran out of his free promo codes some time ago--long before I was sure these people could be trusted enough to recommend them to you, my beloved readers.  But that doesn't mean that a tie subscription is completely out of reach.  Sure, the price tag is a bit higher than free, but for the quality and class that comes prepackaged with each neck or bow tie, it's certainly worth it just for the excitement of opening up your mailbox to find a thousand new look combos you didn't even know you were looking for.

But alas, my friends, my clock has run out and it's time to get back to the work of educating the coming generations.  I wish you all the best as you blaze into the new year at the full break-neck speed of our Mother Earth.  Some super posts coming soon, so stay tuned.



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