Of Denim and Denzel

A 30-Second Review of the Movie, Source Code
Going simply by the preview of this film, I had very much convinced myself that despite what the credits might have proclaimed, this ulcer-inducing thriller epoch was most certainly the newest from director Tony Scott as a sequel to either Man on Fire or Unstoppable.  Therefore, it seemed inevitable that at some point during the madness, the man-beast Denzel Washington would make his usual appearance, hastening Jake Gyllenhaal off screen to sit in a trailer and watch how a professional handles such apocalyptic and downright stressful situations with effortless cool.  However, despite my initial Denzel-Movie-Without-Denzel prejudice, I decided to finish last evening's date night off with a little "Deja Vu" at the theaters with Duncan Jones' Source Code

Much to my delight and surprise, I was instead blown away by a feature-length, arm-gnawing suspense fest with an added air of eerie complexity that could give you a brain hemorrhage if you weren't already too absorbed in the film (and Gyllenhaal's eyes) to care.  Not only do I seriously recommend you catch this flick soon....I also highly recommend that you gentleman take note of Gyllenhaal's excellently worn denim button down, solid tie, and tweed jacket combo.  Just be prepared to bust a cap, get the girl, and save the world if you decide to rock this look as well as the Source Code's leading man.  

I give it 9 Fashionable Slim Ties for dashing, action-packedness.  (Note: this rating system means absolutely nothing) 



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