Men of Inspiration: Chris Pine

If you find you've been too occupied with searching for Bin Laden over the past decade and have subsequently failed to notice the wicked cool style of this generation's Captain James T. Kirk, you've unfortunately missed out on some very inspiring gentlemanly swag.  However, if this misfortune has indeed fallen upon you, Don't Panic--there are, luckily, millions of women living among you that will be more than happy to share their appreciation of the one and only Chris Pine while simultaneously demonstrating how you cannot, nor will you ever be able to, scrape the surface of his females-faint-on-sight charm. 

Fortunately for those of us who have yet to captain a starship or fertilize every alien female in the A and B quadrants of the galaxy, there is hope.  Throughout the years, Pine has never ceased to impress in both the worlds of acting and style, and has become one of our time's greatest leading men.  That said, above, is a photo of, I believe, to be one Pine's most versatile and sharp looks--a go-to look that I myself have used countless times (such as my best friend's bachelor party a few weekends ago) unaware that I was ripping off Unstoppable's eye candy. 

Therefore, I have compiled a list of pieces you'll need to rock this look for any occasion from spring weddings to date night.  Coincidentally, this look is basically a compilation of many of the absolute essentials every guy should have in his arsenal.  So without further rambling, here's what you'll need to achieve this post's look of inspiration:

1.  A Beard 
...and, of course a trimmer to make it happen.  I mean, look at the Pine's scruff--flawless.  Take note, gentlemen.  Nothing fancy, nothing overly groomed.  Just the right amount of man beast. 

2.  The Blue Blazer
Urban Outfitters, BDG Shrunken Blazer, Navy, $68
Easily the most versatile piece in your entire closet. Throw it on with a band T-shirt, solid V-neck, a plaid oxford, or your nicest white dress shirt with slacks. Trust me, it'll give an instant shot of class to any look.

3.  The Trousers
Vans, Slim Jeans, Gray, $65

4. The Kicks
Aldo, Yearego Lace-ups, Cognac, $70
I think I nearly lost my balance in that romantic novel woozy, love-at-first-sight sort of way when I first saw these Aldo brown lace-ups online.  Perfectly pointed toe, with the perfect shade of elegant dark brown, but then highlighted with a subtle cherry color in the worn areas.  Want a pair of sharp shoes that'll turn heads?  These will pay the chiropractor's kid's way through college.

5.  The Finer Details 
A.)  The Pocket Square
From:, $8
   B.)  The Belt
Jazz it up and don't be afraid of some color.  It is spring after all.

C.)  Socks
.....Yeah right....ditch 'em.  

Now go punch the weekend straight in the jaw.  You may not have a phaser know what, forget the Star Trek references, just rock a killer look with your lady and have a blast.  Also, stay tuned for a video post I'll be doing soon (per request from some loyal readers) on the different ways to tie a tie.  Until then, may the odds be always in your favor, my friends.  Cheers.


  1. Very cool blog! I love this I am going to have show my husband this!