Men of Inspiration: Ryan Gosling

Unfathomably lucky.  That's what you were if you, like myself, were fortunate enough to be in the dating world when the tear-jerking, passion-filled romantic epic The Notebook came to theaters. least you were for a moment.  Because you see at first, this film was the absolute perfect date movie--guaranteed to make her bawl her eyes out upon the shoulder of the loving, tenderhearted gentleman seated beside her.  Sneak the arm around--check.  Do a couple of sweet things to prove you're every bit as charming as Noah--check.  However, it was not until weeks or months later unfortunately that you discovered that you couldn't keep it up, and while you had given yourself a pretty good romantic head start, you could never possibly live up to that bearded man-beast kissing in the rain by a majestic lake motif and would subsequently end up living in the shadow of a fictional character for the inexplicably short duration of your relationship.   

Edward Cullen, who?  I'm talking about the real relationship killer--Ryan Gosling.  And while my wife will tell you I've chosen Ryan as this post's Man of Inspiration because I was once told I looked like the dashing heartthrob by a near-sighted, college freshman girl, my actual reason for choosing Mr. Gosling is simple: the man is absolutely unstoppable.  With over a dozen films under his belt, ranging from box office giants like Remember the Titans and Fracture to greats such as Blue Valentine and Lars and the Real Girl, which provide him with some serious indie cred, Gosling has become one of our generation's best leading men at barely 30 years old.  Add to that, his eery, folk indie band Dead Man's Bones and his uncanny ability to grace the best dressed list of any awards show in the universe with his impeccable style and you truly begin to see why I've had a completely heterosexual Man Crush on this guy for a great while.

But with all that said, let's break down one of my absolute favorite looks from the epically suave Mr. Gosling, pictured here with his Blue Valentine co-star Michelle Williams:
1.  The Rugged, Wicked Cool Leather Jacket
If you've got the cash, invest in a quality leather bomber jacket that'll last long enough to pass on to your grand kids.  Gosling masters the look here by pairing it with a much more "dressed-up" ensemble rather than the usual AC/DC shirt and chaps.  If you're like me and it's perhaps a bit out of the budget range, you can also go with the much less expensive, and still very cool beat-to-heck jean jacket in a dark wash like this one from Levi's. 

2.  The Endlessly Versatile Cardigan 
Take a note from Ryan with his mastery of layering.  A simple, classic cardigan in gray can take you from a brisk morning to a more formal evening under your favorite blazer or, in this case, your best bad boy jacket.  It's an absolute essential for the gentleman's closet and you can find them nearly everywhere, like this one from Urban Outfitters.
Urban Outfitters, Hawkings McGill Classic Cardigan, $39

3. The Scarf
Without a doubt, Gosling's scarf is what makes this look exceptional.  While many men would surely steer clear of one this....elegant, the confident cool and rugged good-looks of the dapper Crazy Stupid Love star somehow lets him pull it off with unbelievable swagger.  But if you're a little apprehensive, try a more "manly" (although less punchy) option.

4. The Kicks
*Consulted Source: The GQ Eye
Although you can't see it in the above picture, I have full confidence that Gosling is sporting some extremely sharp kicks--since previous evidence has often proven such a hunch. (see left)  As a master of style, Gosling understands that a man's shoes can skyrocket a look from humdrum to wickedly sharp instantly.  In the picture to the left, Gosling is seen sporting some historic shoe accessories straight out the 1800s (spats)* with the same modern jacket and slim trousers as the picture above.  Don't be afraid to draw inspiration from the unique styles of past eras.  As Gosling shows, channeling the gentlemanly spirits of generations past gives you a brilliantly cool style that'll be the envy of every guy out there still trying to figure out where he went wrong in taking his high school girlfriend to see The Notebook.  

Stacy Adams, Men's Madison Cap-Toe Spat Boot, $116
Or the cheat: White Spats - Adult Size, $16


  1. I am still on the fence about cardigans, what with actually having a rib cage and all.

  2. I remember he got kind of chubby after the notebook. It seems like he hit the gym