The Rain In Spain: Part I

Anonymous asked: What are the core, basic, essential, elements that make a gentleman a gentleman? More inherent than purchased.

This, dear readers, is an excellent question...and yet, simultaneously, a nightmare to answer.  And while I'm not entirely sure, I believe its elusiveness may derive from the fact that it single-handedly summarizes the entire purpose of this blog--which of late (to my shocking revelation) may have began to focus on a single area of gentlemanly "style" disproportionately to the others.  And although I certainly agree fully with the words of the legendary William Shakespeare when he said, "The apparel oft proclaims the man," the modern gentleman is exponentially more than the mere shards of fabric he chooses to wrap around his body.  Mannerisms, honor, courage, swagger--these are the marks of the refined, civilized man on which no price tag may be pinned.  

And so it is, with great questions, must come great attempts at plausible responses--and quite frankly, this type of questions commands more than a mere few dozen words and Google pictures to do it justice.  Thus, I would like to answer this question more comprehensively through a mini-series of posts in which the essentials to gentlemanly character are presented in a more detailed, step-by-step manner--much like a coaching of sorts in the ways of civilized people.  It is therefore without further ramblings, my fair gentlemen, that I present the first two essentials for gentlemanly character:

1. The Confident Stride That Suits Any Occasion  
One of the absolute first things people notice about a man is his demeanor--his posture, his expression, all working together to form an undeniable glimpse into the character behind the mask.  For a gentleman, this is extremely important.  If your posture makes you appear as a passable member of an African baboon colony with the added bonus of a demeanor to match those still furious at nature for bestowing them with bright red bottoms, you might need some work.  Take a note from the king of gentlemen--James Bond in this clip from the film, Die Another Day:

While this movie as a whole was far from the crowning achievement of the British spy's franchise, I specifically love this scene because every time I see it, I'm reminded of my grandmother's words (who was sitting next to me in the theatre) when the dashing Mr. Brosnan strides into the hotel lobby:
"Goodness Gracious, how can he still look so dang sexy even when he's dressed like a homeless man?"
 Take it from my's all about the swagger.

2.  A Gentleman Always Makes an Entrance

The key to the gentlemanly entrance?  Effortless cool, sharply dressed, inexplicably knowledgeable, and irresistibly mysterious.  But if you're like me and you've still got some room for exponential expansion in one or four of these areas, don't panic.  It's the charisma that counts.  Whatever you do, DO NOT be the guy in the corner of the room glued to his pathetically unimpressive smart phone eying anything with more curves than a pear with a look of insatiable hunger.  Instead, be the guy who talks to anybody and everybody, but never too much. Be the man who offers to pull out a chair for a lady and is keen enough to spend more of his time gleaning from the wisdom of the elder gentlemen in the room than standing idly around with the arrogant, self-important 20-year-olds by the punch table.  Act the gentleman.  Before you know it, you'll be the IT guy at every function imagenable.

Check back soon for more!  Cheers.


  1. I must also give a big thank you to a certain Australian reader who pointed out that my original comment about "Australian baboons" was unfortunately incorrect. Baboons are African. You'd think as a Geography teacher I would have caught that. But, alas, it has been changed. Thank you again, dear reader!