So It's THAT Kinda Party, eh?.... No seriously, is it??

You've just entered a Halloween Party you could have SWORN said "No Costumes" only to find you're the only Buzzkillington in the place who isn't sporting anything clever, nostalgic, or slutty...

As you might have gathered from the ever increasing presence of black cats, rotting jack-o-lanterns, and blowout clearance sales at those costume outlets...Halloween is vast approaching (as in tomorrow), along with its accompanying barrage of parties, shindigs, barbeques, and scary movie nights. But what about those so-called "casual" gatherings?  You know, the ones where everyone's supposedly just going to "hang out" but you get the feeling there's a few attendees who can't stand to let a good costume idea go to waste?

Personally, I've been having this same query, and I feel I've come up with one fairly good solution for the gentleman who wishes to remain subtle but occasion-appropriate.  Why not go as Ryan Gosling's aptly-named Driver from the movie Drive?  

The pros are easy to see.  First off, it's Fall so I'm basically wearing all of this stuff already--henley, jeans, boots, jacket (and a layered jean jacket in some scenes of the movie), gloves, and a super cool watch.  Slap them all together and you've got a killer Fall ensemble any day....but add in a hammer and a bullet, and you've suddenly got a classic character of arthouse action history!

And of course, if you should show up and find no one else dressed up either, simply slip the bullet in your pocket and drop the hammer in the umbrella bin behind the door and no one's the wiser...

Happy Halloween, my friends! Feel free to post any of your subtle costume ideas in the comments below! 


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