The Scarf Who Loved Me

“What exactly do you do, Mr. Bond?”
 “Oh, I travel… a sort of licensed troubleshooter.”

A month.  Maybe two.  That's how long most estimates would say that I'll be unable to wear anything but suits, stainless steel watches, and resist whispering everything in a deep, seductive British accent.  That is, after I see Skyfall--which might be a while if my wife wishes to postpone living with a 24hr. licensed-to-teach love machine for as long as possible.  But alas, it happens every time I see another installment of the longest-running film series in history.

The truth is, James Bond has always been one of my all time top inspirations.  I'll never forget the first time I watched Goldeneye as a kid and sat drooling in front of the TV over how effortlessly cool Pierce Brosnan looked while getting shot at by a dozen henchmen with automatic weapons.  The guy didn't flench.  And as a young man who frequently nearly wet himself at the sight of a spider larger than half a millimeter, I desperately wanted to be Bond-cool.  

However, if honesty must reign supreme on this blog, I must admit that not much in the fearless-in-the-face-of-death (or spiders) department has changed.  But I like to think I might have actualy learned a thing or two about style from the MI6 super spy.  And while my watches and wedding ring are still shamefully lacking in lasers and grappling hooks, I was absolutely delighted to discover upon catching a glimpse of the above Omega poster, that Bond and I seemingly share an affinity for one exceptionally important fall fashion item--the scarf.

 I've always been a huge fan of scarves. They're versatile, warm, subtle, but still one of the absolute easiest ways to punch some life into a fall or winter look.  From super formal to a casual weekend, a scarf guarantees warm jugulars for those of us unfortunately jipped in the beard genes area.

But, to be honest, what's monumentally more interesting to me in a scarf is the story behind each one that a gentleman accumulates. For example, each of my scarves pictured above has come from a different part of the world.  The one on the top left is from Victoria, Canada.  I found the one on the bottom right in London, England while passing through the airport.  The one on the bottom left was given to me by my wife for Christmas while we lived in our very first house together in Texas.  And finally, my absolute favorite scarf is the one on the top right, which was given to me by a church and orphanage in Ethiopia this summer as a token of their gratitude for my team helping out in their giant children's program.  And truthfully, nothing can make a piece of style more meaningful and priceless than to have an unforgettable moment attached to it.  Sorry, but that's something Gucci, Prada, and Tom Ford can never touch.

So what are you waiting for?  Get off this blog and go grab a ticket for Skyfall and then catch a plane to the nearest exotic destination to nab a scarf with an accompanying war story of daring stunts, sinister villains, and beautiful women.  I can promise you, not too many gentlemen would have a story like that to offer when someone complimented thier scarf.  And, of course, remember the golden rule--every story sounds better when whispered in a deep, seductive British spy accent.

Bundle up, 007.  M(O.G.) out.


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