Buzzing the Tower

An RAF Pilot getting a haircut during a break between missions, Britain, 1942

When you pick up and relocate, like my wife and I did this past summer, it's the little things you don't initially miss.  The fantastic whole-in-the-wall pizza joint or the exquisite Cuban cafe the two of you found while lost in your home town.  Bumping into those endless mild acquaintances and catching up, having the family vet of nearly a decade on speed-dial--these are the heart pangs that hit you far after you've settled into the routine of your new "big city" life, and yet simultaneously the ones that solidify the notion of the absolute life change in which you've embarked.

But before I romanticize this subject any further, I'll digress to say the moment my topsy-turvy world seemingly came crashing down around me was the realization a mere one week before my attendance was required at a delightful formal gathering--I had left my barber in the clutches of my former life.

You see, my barber back home was brilliant. Our friendship had been forged in the wake of an era of haircut disasters dating back as early as my childhood--a time of countless mangled and shamefully botched 'dos at the hands of hastily selected, clipper-happy buffoons eager to slash my scalp in record time in order to fill my chair with as many victims as possible before closing time. Typically, there was nothing left after the follicle trauma but to cut my losses,"buzz the tower" and hope by the time it grew back I'd have found someone decent enough to stop the vicious cycle. 

So with my dear friend now forced to fill my monthly appointment spot with some other fortunate gentleman, I found myself alone with my anxieties that such a horrific spectacle was to befall me again.  That is, until I found Floyd's 99.

I first heard about Floyd's 99 Barbershop from a friend here in Dallas after she responded to my desperate pleas for any kind of referral to a decent hair establishment with teacher-salary prices.  And luckily for me, her recommendation was spot on.  I won't even mention the fact that their most popular basic men's haircut (The Floyd's) comes with a warm lather and straight razor neckline shave, the soothing steamed towel treatment, and a wonderfully relaxing and non-evasive neck and back massage (by one of those electric vibrating contraptions), no I won't mention any of that.  I'll simply say, that my haircut was incredible.  Performed by a friendly and knowledgeable stylist in a delightfully old school atmosphere with exceptionally good rock n' roll humming in the background--it's an all-around haircut experience that's all but gone in the modern world.

My point?  Find a barbershop that goes the extra mile and then find your guy (or girl) and stick with 'em.  You'll be surprised how easy things can be when you can just walk in and get to chatting without having to describe to a new person how your hair should look.

As for me, my days of "buzzing the tower" are over.  Good to see you again my friend, just give me the usual.....yes, I'm still calling it the Gosling.   

And, lastly, a Happy Thanksgiving to you all, my friends! I wish you all a wonderful time with you family and loved ones.  Cheers!


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