An Attention-Grabbing Introduction

As a pupil under many English instructors in the academic world, I have always been branded with the idea that one's introduction most be nothing short of the blazing, firework adorned preamble to an Evel Knievel stunt.  That the introduction to your work must leave the reader somewhat out of breath or in need of a cold shower.  However, to introduce a blog whose primary purpose is to clutter the world wide web with my semi-serious take on men's style with some sort of grandiloquent epoch in which to flex my outrageously phenomenal vocabulary seems to border on lunacy rather than tasteful English composition.  As there is obviously no need for such artificial language, I would like to simply start by explaining what I plan to do with this space for the days, weeks, and months ahead.....or until I find a more meaningful pastime such as say...a rewarding career.

As I am sure you have gathered, this blog primarily focuses on becoming the Modern Gentleman, or as GQ would say, it deals with the "rules for looking—and living—like a civilized man."  Unfortunately, in a world where the striped polo shirt, flip-flops, and goatee are the standard credentials of every weekend alcoholic wielding a university ID card, the days of men acting like civilized individuals are nearly all but gone.  It is time to be better men, modern gentlemen, in fact.  Stay tuned and I hope you enjoy.       


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