New Name. Same Good Taste.

Today I must ashamedly admit that upon the creation of this blog I had not done adequate research into the relative availability and originality of "The Modern Gentleman" name.  Upon such research, however, (and by research I mean Googling it) I discovered that such a title appears in multiple blogs and literature, regardless of the fact that they are neither as informative or fun.  Therefore, like the artist formerly known as Prince, I submit to you a graceful name change sooner than later.  From henceforth, this blog space will be known as "The Mark of a Gentleman."  This title derives its name from a notable quote from a historical great:

"Courtesy is as much a mark of a gentleman as courage."  
- Theodore Roosevelt

Coincidentally, this name also allows me to keep the lovely header of this site relatively intact, with minor changes, as it took me an hour filled with blood and tears to design it.  But if you are worrying, my friends, fear not.  You may expect the same helpful and often sarcastic style advice that you have found since this blog's inception two posts prior to remain intact.  My apologies, and I give you my word that I do not anticipate any further interruptions.  Now, let's keep rolling.    


  1. funny you should mention Google, one of the handouts we give our scholars begin internet research methods by clicking on "google" I wonder who paid for that. There are infinitely more blogs about style than extinctions so I think I am okay. Although one must wonder if you could get away with "Style Gospels: The Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and Acts of a Gentlemen. "

  2. I must inform you in writing, that I plan to use that extremely clever observation in whatever way I can, sir. The concept of "The Gentleman Gospels" is most certainly too excellent to keep under wraps. Brilliant!