What to Rock For A Texas "Fall"

As an ever-loyal resident of the good state of Texas--famous for Ranger, Sir Walker T. and an average heat index that could deep fry a Minotaur, I've always found myself somewhat resentful of the Fall fashions I see on the runway which seem to be targeted at the fashion-obsessed inhabitants of a North Atlantic glacier.  Unfortunately for my fellow inhabitants of the American South, Fur coats, tri-layered sweaters, suede parkas, and seal-skinned boots are a bit in the red zone of "Insanely Unpractical" for our simply nonexistent season called "Fall." (Texans will know this season as "Slightly Less Like Standing in Fire."
So for those of us on this side of the Siberian wilderness that may be at a loss as to how to incorporate modern Fall/Winter style into our brief and mild Cooler season, here's a few pieces to keep close at hand and rotate through frequently to ensure you take full advantage of the time of year you no longer have to change your undershirt three times a day.

#1: The Indispensable Blazer 
As demonstrated above and to the right, the absolute staple of the gentleman's fall style is an arsenal of blazers.  Find yourself a sports jacket that is easy to dress up or down--i.e. avoid silk or anything overly shiny....just keep it casual and fitted.  Once you've found your go-to fall blazer, don't be afraid to venture out of "white-dress-shirt-only" territory and experiment with layering.  Rock it with a v-neck shirt like the one pictured above or a wicked cool henley like the one pictured right.  And don't forget to punch up your look with a casual pocket square in a complimentary color.  It's a minor detail, but it'll set you light-years ahead of that black-polyester blazer/vintage rock t-shirt look that all your desperately trying friends are sporting.  Check out these from my favorite Euro style store, Zara, who just launched online shopping in the US.

#2: Stick Your Neck Out
Other than the obvious benefit of being able to hide my scarily lanky frame under a facade of winter layers, there's little else I look forward to more about fall style than being able to bust out some of my scarves.  For some reason I've never quite been able to pinpoint, rocking a scarf with a blazer instantly gives you a sort of European cool (it could be because that's what it seemed everyone was wearing while I was in London.)  Don't fall into the trap of the overly-trendy, giant bandanna option.  Instead find a nice wool wrap scarf in an interesting plaid or striped pattern that you can easily throw on with any look without having to worry about it clashing with another portion of your duds.  Here's some to get your noodle cooking.

#3 Kicks She'll Fall All Over
While I seriously recommend you grab yourself a pair of suede desert boots like the gentleman in the picture above for those more nippy winter days and nights, a sharp pair of driving shoe moccasins can skyrocket your fall style into fashionisto territory. Nice, crisp cool morning? Throw these on, ditch the socks, and bust 'em out with your best dark jeans, navy blazer, henley, and plaid scarf. I think the women readers of this blog will agree the universe will have trouble containing your effortless swagger. Cold front blow in? Slip on some bright-striped socks that bring some color down to your feet without drawing attention from your stellar kicks. Check out this pair that I just picked from Aldo this weekend in preparation for that elusive Arctic front all of us down here in southeast Texas are searching for.  And to all you Southerners, here's to hoping our Cooler season lasts all the way through January this year!


  1. well now, that twinge of irritability that you feel at fall fashion, is pretty much what everyone with a chest size over 40 and a waist size with two digits feels about everything that the Jacks (The Pumpkin King) tramp down the runway or show up in magazines.

  2. Haha, so this is what that feels like.