A Double Wedding

Michael asked: I am attending a black tie wedding in early June.  I have my own tuxedo from 1998 when I married--and yes, with a slight alteration, it fits.  It's double breasted with cuffs.  Can I still wear a double breasted tux in 2012 and not fear arrest by the fashion police?  Thanks.

First of all, Michael, let me throw you some serious kudos for being able to still fit into a tux you wore nearly 15 years ago with only "slight alterations."  Well done, sir.  Secondly, not only can you still wear a double breasted tux, but you just dang-well should. The DB is back in a serious way and has even made its way back to the Red Carpet world (see below).  The only thing I might suggest is to take a look at some modern DB tuxes and notice the fit.  Given yours is from the 90s, it might not hurt to do some additional alterations such as slimming down the pants, shortening the rise, and perhaps bringing the cuffs of the jacket up a bit to show off a little more shirt sleeve.  With a slight update, you won't merely avoid a fashion citation, but you're sure to be the envy of all those younger attendees still slouching around the punch table afraid to hit the dance floor.

Thanks so much for the question, Michael, I hope this helps! And for the rest of you out there, remember you can send all your style queries to the MoG by clicking on the Ask a Gentleman tab above. Cheers!


  1. I love your tips! I always share them via FB! :)