Your Face Called. It's Tired of the Abuse.

The Single Most Important Tool in Your Shaving Kit is the One That Helps You Keep Your Blood Where It Belongs
 If you're easily distracted like me, or perhaps just prone to frequent bouts with unsteady hands, you've undoubtedly had the misfortune of slicing into your delicate man face with your safety razor a time or two. You realize it as soon as you've done it. I little pinch....and then the first drop. In the water and shaving cream it almost looks like it won't be all that horrific. And then the flood gates burst open--spewing forth half a pint of blood in less than a second from a nick usually no bigger than pin prick. Your next move? Scrambling for a tissue, ice cube, roll of gauze, bed sheet...anything to stop the seemingly eternal gusher. Hours later, you stroll into work with those tiny bits of plasma-soaked tissue corners on your face, avoiding anything so much as a bump on the elevator that could restart the flood tide. But you've managed to cheat Death himself this morning.....for now.

However, there is good news, gents, in the form of perhaps the cheapest exsanguination-preventing tool on the market--the STYPTIC PENCIL.  Running about $2 at your nearest Wal-Mart (or around $10 for the fancy-but-probably-worth-it Art of Shaving model), this seemingly insignificant, chalk-looking miracle uses a antihemorrhagic agent to essentially close nicks quickly and stop bleeding.  And it works exceptionally.  Slice yourself a good one? Calmly reach for your styptic pencil, run some water on the end, apply on your cut, and be amazed as it halts the Niagara Falls pouring from your sensitive face arteries.  

So go grab you one quick. I promise it's sure to be one of the best investments for the sake of your face you'll ever make. I mean, let's be never know when a shaving disaster could strike. You want to be ready:


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