How to Avenge the Earth, and Look Killer Doing It

Three Style Do's and One Transgression I picked up from The Avengers
So if you haven't seen The Avengers yet, I'm certain nothing I can relate here can even scratch the surface of the ridicule your friends are giving you right now. I'll spare you the speech...because I care. I won't use the word "epic" or "must-see" or "you're an absolute braincase if you haven't seen this four times in both 3D and 2D".......I'll leave all that to your coworkers and little sister who is so cooler than you right now.......but come on, man, you REALLY need to see this movie.

That being...un-said, I give you the three style lessons every gentleman can steal from the super-powered heroes of Marvel's latest triumph....that is, if you can catch them between the most incredible battle sequences modern cinema has ever delivered.

1. Tony Stark's Business Casual
Obviously if you have the swagger, paycheck, and genius of international playboy Tony Stark, you're bound to have some of the most kickin' wardrobe choices this side of a jet-propelled suit of iron. Tony's field jacket/shirt and tie combo that appears near the middle of the film (pictured above) is simply perfect for his personality and, even better, fitted impeccably to his arc-reactor-fed physique. Play with dark color combinations like this for a business casual look gives off a vibe of effortless cool with a hint of classic RDJ narcissism.

2.  Cap's Leather Jacket
I know, I know, this picture is actually from the original Captain America movie and not Avengers.  But the truth is, I like this one better, and Cap actually wears one very similar in this film while riding an absolutely sick motorbike off into the sunset.  Nothing says American tough guy like a beat-to-heck leather bomber.

3. The Most Obvious of All
The third style lesson to be learned from this film is simple--steal Thor's beard.  If you can, that is.  And heck, steal the dude's killer mane if you can pull it off too.  And his biceps. If you're gonna go in, go all Norse-god-style in.

The Don'tki
In case any of you out there read that Thor hair comment and were contemplating of going a step further to rip off another character's....uh, unique look.....don't.  I speak, of course, of super villain Loki and his dangerously flippy Greaser 'do that certainly, if nothing else, drives home the idea that he is undoubtedly not of this world. If you're going to draw some hair-spiration from this film, definitely consider ripping off the Cap's classically dapper coif. It might be old fashioned, but it's a look that all the 40s girls will be sure to marvel at....Gentleman! Assemble!  Ok, sorry, I'm done. Go see this movie.  Cheers.