The Code For Men

Since the dawn of Creation, Man has attempted to solve the limitless mysteries of universe in which he has found himself.  Among these musings are the great questions of life, the universe, and everything--inquiries that could easily take the world's most advanced super computer endless millennia to digest and evaluate.  And while History finds itself with an increasingly gluttonous bulge of "brilliant" thinkers throughout its centuries that have claimed to have uncovered the ultimate answer in it all (it's 42, by the way, as we all know), there has yet to be even the slightest theory correctly postulated about the chiefest of all of these questions....

Until now.

Enter my online friend Oli Thier and his book The Code For Men--the ultimate answer to the question that has puzzled homo sapiens for generations:  "How the devil is a grown Man supposed to act in everyday situations?"

I first read Thier's book a few weeks ago after we'd corresponded by email.  Ever the gentleman himself, he sent me a copy digitally and asked if I'd read it and provide some feedback.  After pouring myself into the first few pages, I found myself utterly hooked.  It was though someone was finally speaking the language that the last few gentlemen on the planet had been secretly keeping alive by a generational oral tradition.  Now, Thier had finally printed the sacred Code for all to have and follow.

So I write to you, my friends, to encourage you, Nay! beseech you, to journey on over to the Code's website and have a look around.  You'll find some exceptionally good free excepts HERE and you might even find a quote from Yours Truly on the homepage!  All in all, it's a brilliant work, and I'm honored Mr. Thier allowed me to be a small part of its beginnings.

Follow the Code, my noble gentlemen, and as its author would say "Live the bright life in a dull society."




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