The Right Frame of Mind

Let's start from the beginning, shall we?
I love my dog.  If you're a M.O.G. reader of any lengthy standing I'm sure you'll remember the good Dr. Mwenzi (PhD in Human Sartorial Studies) from some of our early videos and posts together.  But I must admit as of late, the scruffy-faced Jack Russell Terror Terrier and I have been having a bit of a rough patch. It all started a few weeks ago when I caught him underneath my bed with my favorite ball-point pen....then later, a highlighter...then my retainer....and finally, my glasses

A tad on the red zone of severely irritated, I reached under the bed to extract my beloved spectacles from the jaws of the satisfied chew-beast only to discover the ends  had been gnawed to razor sharp spearheads out for blood of their own of the unwanted-ear-piercing variety.  Desperate, angry, and in need of a good excuse not to take up the art of animal sacrifice, I dove into a hasty internet search begging for answers.  And what I found, was

Now before you go and think I've completely sold my soul, hear me out (and know that I'm in no way receiving any benefit from the aforementioned company). I can honestly say that I stumbled upon this website for no other reason than in response to an ad I saw while searching that simply read "Get Your First Pair Free."  Instantly overjoyed at the prospect of solving my problem without liquidating my entire net worth (or lack thereof) I journeyed in to discover the truth.

And what is the truth about's "First Pair Free" ad?  Simply, that it's amazing.  Within minutes I instantly fell in love with a pair of dapper tortoise shell frames and gave the whole promo code thing a shot just for the heck of it.  It worked.  Instantly the price of the frames vanished like a scruffy-faced dog caught with an iPhone cord and I merely had to pay for shipping!  A quick few days later, my lovely new frames arrived with the correct prescription and accompanying swag and the rest, my friends, has been a finely focused fairly tale.

So for those of you who might have similar chew-happy terriers (or toddlers) around your dwellings that promise to reunite your beloved spectacles with their awaiting chompers--fear not.  Give these guys a chance.  It's clear to see they're the right choice.  They'll put you in the right frame of mind so your life can be in perfect focus.  A peek into the looking glasses tells---No?  Ok, I'll stop. 


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