The Rain in Spain: II

A Recurring Study on the Etiquette of a Gentleman Through Examples in Modern CinemaLesson #3:  A Gentleman Holds His Temper
Nothing can demolish your reputation as a civilized man quicker than losing your composure among company.  One noted author wrote that if you, "Speak when you're'll make the best speech you'll ever regret."  And if you've ever made the mistake of attending a hockey game, you know that any muscle-headed imbecile can let people know he's angry.  It takes a truly refined man to maintain his temper in the worst of circumstances, even when perhaps something else entirely is brewing in his brain:

Remember to stay cool and collected.  It instantly puts you light-years ahead of the overly dramatic, millionaire brats from the NBA that throw toddler-worthy tantrums in a futile effort to elicit an apology from a faultless referee.  Keep it together on the outside, or at least go count to ten in your car, alone.  Not only will you be the sole, blasted grown-up in a room of ridiculous hot-headed morons, you'll also be the only guy leaving with a proper lady on his arm.  

Now I must admit that I wrote this post mainly as a sort of reminder to myself.  You see, last night my wife and I got caught in traffic on our way to catch a free show by one of my favorite artists (Lecrae) and arrived precisely as he exited the stage.  This, as you might imagine, was irritating. But while I did manage to restrain myself from drop kicking the nearest thug, I must ashamedly confess my frustration did overflow into a rage once we stopped for gas a few miles down the road.  In hindsight, I do feel bad for the poor convenience store owner who certainly thought a little gray sedan piloted by a deranged maniac along with his barrage of erratic wails on his horn where sure to be careening through his shop window at any moment. Then again, perhaps their "Pay at the Pump" option shouldn't have forced you to "See Clerk" only to surprise you with a firmly locked glass door underneath the brightly lit neon sign reading "Open."  My behavior was unfortunate...but I do feel a little better.


  1. You will always have my respect, I would have probably piloted my sedan through his frimly locked glass door.