Crazy-Smart Movie

A 30-second review of the film, Crazy, Stupid, Love 
So whether you've followed this blog for any length of time or just happened to stumble upon it by accident, you've probably gathered I have a bit of a man-crush on a certain Mr. Ryan Gosling.  Now my wife would probably want me to define "man crush" for all of you doubting the longevity of our marriage, but I've only got 30 seconds so I'll just sum it up by saying it's a completely heterosexual admiration of possibly the greatest swagger and style exhibited by a gentleman in our entire solar system.  I suppose what I'm getting at is...I've been quite excited for Gosling's new film Crazy, Stupid, Love to roll into my local cinema for some time, and the moment finally came last night while on a date with my wife.

Now I must admit, I am not a film critic, which is perhaps painfully demonstrated by the fact that I really expected to leave this movie with nothing more than a brain aneurism caused by an epic-sartorial overload and the need for a new shirt and trousers as a result of an hour and a half of cold sweat and drool.  To my surprise, however, I was absolutely blown away by a "romantic-comedy" plot that was altogether unique, sophisticated, hilarious, and yet often heart-wrenching in the most realistic and raw way I can imagine.  I can honestly say, that between the impeccable style of both Gosling and Carell (which believe it or not, absolutely kills in a suit) and the masterful awkward moments that induce rivers of tear-filled laughter, lies an urgently needed reminder to all gentleman to never loose focus of the importance of romancing the One you love.

And so, in my completely meaningless rating system, I give Crazy, Stupid, Love 10 solid gold tie bars for epic date-night greatness.

But even if you're a love-skeptic, at least go get blown away by Gosling's wardrobe.  I mean, geez, look at what the guy rocked at the premiere. Seriously?  Thanks for hogging all the swagger in the universe, man.


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