What I Learned About Style from Coldplay's Chris Martin

For as long as I can remember I've been a fan of an overabundance of wrist accoutrements.  Of course, when I say "as long as I can remember" I mean from the point in time in which I mentally became self aware of my style choices as a gentleman....also known as my sophomore year of high school.  As a novice of the intimidating world of men's fashion, I had begun searching for a role model of sorts, a gentleman of far superior style that I could draw influence from, and in short--shamelessly rip off. So, I figured, what better place to start, than with my unsurpassed favorite band at the time (and admittedly still to this day)--Coldplay.

Now, while sometimes the British boys in question have been known to wear looks that would perhaps be labeled as "unadvised" for civilians to very highly-televised events, one of the most notable trends I picked up on back in high school was lead singer Chris Martin's affinity for bracelets...absolute hoards of them (see above). And so it was, without question, that as a fashion-impaired American teenager, I quickly adopted this practice of encasing my twig-like, sun-deprived arms within an endless assortment of bracelets and watches alike, and have since continued the tradition well into my twenties as a sort of homage to my youth and a simpler time in this crazy little thing called life.

It was therefore to my pleasant surprise this month that GQ Magazine released an article entitled, "How to Pull Off That Wristband Thing" detailing the wrist-adorned super trend that has dominated the attendees of Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks for the past few seasons.  Here's a few snapshots of the trend in action by the Street Style photographer Tommy Ton:

Now believe me, I am far from one of those guys that always claims to have been sporting the latest trend years before it was "cool."  But as infrequent as it may be, it does feel blasted good to have the fashion world bashfully catching up with you for a change.

P.S. Oh, and be sure to click here and have a listen to Coldplay's newly released song, Moving to Mars...which is absolutely brilliant.


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