Happy 6 Month Anniversary!

....or lunaversary for you over-analytical grammar-idians.  Today marks exactly six months since this blog's inception on a brisk January morning that seems like a lifetime ago.  We've been through quite a bit together this past half-a-year, and I owe all of you an inexpressible amount of gratitude for your undying support in this endeavor.  From avoiding a pandemic of style transgressions to refining our musical tastes, we've nearly seen it all and still no sight of a bloody school district providing that aforementioned "rewarding career" we press forward. 

And so, as we join hands in celebration in the only manner this blog can afford, I present you two gifts that promise to enrich your life in a way you could never dream:

Gift #1:  Some Indispensable Advice
As is the norm here at the Mark of a Gentleman, I would like to impart some recently acquired wisdom to you, my good readers, on this momentous of occasions.  Should you ever find yourself naively image searching for an appropriate graphic with which to top an anniversary celebration post on a men's style blog, know this:  Any conceivable arrangement of the words "man," "suit," and "birthday" in said image search will inevitably lead you to a place where you do not wish to be, as well as cause irrevocable damage to your corneas.   

Gift #2: A Brief Escape for Your Mind
And finally, in celebration of this blog's monumental achievements over the past six months, I present you with a 20-second TV spot for the Mark of a Gentleman showcasing the endless array of sartorial advice and commentary we've covered since the initial post posed the question "What is the Modern Gentleman?" Look for it on all major networks once the Super Bowl Advertising Committee calls me back with a more reasonable price. Thank you all again for everything. It's been a great six-months and here's to six more! Cheers.

Featuring: "Odd Soul" by MuteMath


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